Garden Corner Box

HalfScaleImageGarden Corner Box closeGarden Corner Box good cl door

This is my first room box. I found the picture and instructions in an online special edition of, I believe, the first ever American Miniaturist. It was many years ago and the design is by a British artist (I’ll put in her name when I find it.) Her box was of a apple making scene, with AGA stove and table complete with preparation and cooking. Her small outdoor space was a picture and accessories of the “apple orchard” seen in a mirror (angled in the back corner) through the door.

The flooring of the room is air dry Crayola Clay in white. I put glue on the surface and then rolled out the “clay,” and using a toothpick I marked off the stones. When dry they were paint-washed and sealed. The table, window, door and accessories are hand made, the rest bought on good old eBay. The article had instructions for all the hand-made items and box. It looks great under a lamp which illuminated the outdoors.



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