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Scrapbooker’s Nook


Such a quick, easy room box to make. It’s all in the details, they make it fun to both create and enjoy. The light fixture works on a battery. The window is simply overlaid on a picture of my own garden.

Bad Kitty

Naughty Kitty great close Naughty Kitty good mouseNaughty Kitty good mouse

A simple, fun scene to create. The mouse is front and center to be noticed, but the cat I used to draw the eye upwards. The plate on the wall is artist made and I’ll look in my notes for a name.


A Woman’s Place

W Place 002

This room is a play on the idea of “A Woman’s Place.” It’s a woman’s library, a comfortable place to read and relax by the fire with all the things you’ve collected around you.  The back drop wall with fireplaces is a board, on the exterior it is covered in silk with oriental art, the bottom of the room box is done in rice paper, all inspired by the “rug,” which is a find I made of an Occupied Japan doily. It looks like a hook rug, and these items can still be found with some looking. I think we make the rooms we can’t have in real life.